We all know that maturity is an all natural part of life, and that people can indeed gracefully time. That’s where my job as an East Coast cosmetic surgeon comes in. Botox, facelifts, blepharoplasties, and even dermis resurfacing are just are few treatments and methods that will make your skin layer surface more youthful. But perhaps you have ever wondered if it’s not simply life that is causing your skin layer to wrinkle and discolor?

Recent studies suggest a relationship between living near a busy highway and increased skin area wrinkling and pigmented areas. Actually, airborne particles that are traffic related has now taken the top third place as a cause of early epidermis aging. It falls right beneath ultraviolet radiation and tobacco smoke. Meaning, if you stay in an populated and busy area where a lot of traffic occurs heavily, like the populous city, your skin is more likely to age faster than someone’s skin that isn’t exposed to such things.

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Of course, UV smoke and rays must be factored in as well. But perhaps this is the reason why plastic surgery is more popular in city areas. This scholarly investigation only backs up past data on the hazardous ramifications of traffic related particles. Besides being terrible for your lungs, these airborne particles have been associated with cognitive failure in older people, and also have been linked to type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease also. Though it’s challenging to avoid all traffic-related airborne particles, especially if you reside in a large city where traffic never stops, it could be a good idea to take extra good care of your skin. Needless to say when everything else fails, my East Coast plastic surgery practice can help keep your skin layer beautiful, young and rejuvenated.

Additionally, some of the cakeyness problems I’ve been experiencing could be caused from making use of too much product, and a simple concealer brush would fix the problem. Much to my surprise, the Trish concealer (with brush) has totally exceeded my expectations in terms of performance (looks totally natural, lasts all day long) and ease of application (the brush helps it be a piece of cake). I set it with my mineral foundation and a quick swipe of MAC Blot Powder and I haven’t experienced any cakeyness or dryness in the weeks I’ve used it. What’s your favorite concealer?

The way that vision makeup is applied might be the matter that requires the closest focus on change on mature skin, as anything too heavy or hard will really highlight symptoms of ageing. I keep eyelids looking youthful by steering clear of shadows that contain too much shimmer and glitter, deciding on matte or very light shimmer products instead. Eyelashes are usually a little thinner on my mature brides, so it’s really important to use an unbelievable mascara that creates impressive volume without clumping. I stick to my favourite, Clinique Lash Power Mascara, and finish off the look off with a few specific false lashes.

I go easy on the brows, ensuring they are defined with a brow natural powder or wax wonderfully, but never overdone or heavy. Powders and waxes are easier to control than a pencil – bit if you find pencils easier to use – find the one that is not too soft – so you can control the amount of product you’re applying. Once it is on it’s hard to log off please remember less is more!