A Person With Poise And Class 1

A Person With Poise And Class

And it generally does not suggest to marry for looks – although that is clearly a nice bonus. It really is more about marrying someone who you are well matched to, day in and day out who gets the qualities and characteristics that are so important to have -. I’ve had a couple times in teaching a lesson in church that I strongly (very, very STRONGLY) wished to impress on any single people in the class the importance of “marrying well”. Here’s a little about what that means to me. And it doesn’t suggest to marry for looks – although that is a nice bonus.

It is more about marrying someone who you are well matched up to, who gets the qualities and characteristics that are so important to have – day in and day trip. It’s been said that a man’s home is his castle, and his wife is his Queen. Well, I assume if you’re looking for a queen, you should focus on a princess. What are the qualities should you look for in your princess?

Marry a person who could be the queen of a kingdom with you. A person with poise and class. Somebody who carry herself well, and honors the dignity of herself and others. Someone you can talk to important things about. Someone you can learn things from, and learn things with.

Someone who can shed insights that change your perspective. The kind of beauty it doesn’t need makeup. The type of beauty that is always there – just in their essence and being. Someone who, by nature – thinks the best of people. Somebody who hates to claim. Someone who doesn’t take the cheap shot during an argument.

Building a kingdom, a true home, a family, a marriage, a complete life – is effort. It generally does not just come easily. You need to be able to air a team to perform great things collectively. There may be many stages in a marriage where roles must change, or where primary responsibility for several tasks forth switches back and.

This requires flexibility, and the ability to work very well as a team, with concentrate on each other’s needs instead of by yourself. We have enough pessimists in the world! And life will give you of things to be negative about plenty. But an optimist can SEE all the nice things that go on around and doesn’t see things as darkly, when they may be fairly dark even.

An optimist is a only source of sunshine that is good to be around. They make everyone feel better about themselves and better about life in general. You shall see what you are looking for. If you’re always looking for the worst – its. If you look to discover the best in people and in occasions – its. In a position to see laughter in everything almost. Someone who has a glad heart naturally.

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A person who will laugh at the dumb jokes, and even make a few of her own. Someone with whom you can create a duration of “inside jokes”. Somebody who is able to chuckle at her personal. Someone comfortable enough with you to know she can laugh at the dumb errors and know that you’ll laugh with her. Plan your work and work your plan!

BUT – be able to adapt and change that plan when the program is no more working out for you. The only continuous in life is change – therefore having the ability to adapt to a fresh situation on-the-fly makes everything go smoother and easier. What a wonderful blessing is somebody who can make the change in stride, moving to see what the new experiences will bring forward, instead of dwelling on what went incorrect and what must have been.