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The answer is, all three, and who lobbied for this? Not the consumers Certainly. As well as the nagging problem with tax bonuses are they are like drugs. Hooked Once, you can’t quit, without going through painful withdrawal symptoms. As noted above, the home mortgage interest deduction could not be removed without causing millions to lose their homes overnight. Even the “first time home buyer” tax credit is proving hard to kick, as when the credit is set to expire, home sales plummet. The credit is extended, of course, at the insistence of the real estate agents and contractors of America. To start with, the very, very rich have means of reducing or eliminating their tax burdens.

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Yes, they pay a great deal of fees, however they use every taxes done in the written publication. Meanwhile, the middle class and upper middle class get socking, as they cannot afford to offshore set up tax havens, or engage in the true number of other tricks used to avoid paying taxes. Granted, the poor pay little taxes in this country, but therefore, they have little incentive to complain about taxes generally.

If you pay nothing, a new spending plan appears like a swell idea then. Tax someone else is the only tax plan that people can all acknowledge. The problem with this scheme is that increasing taxes become a disincentive to work at a certain point. If tax rates enough are high, the increased wealth from increased work, for middle-class Americans particularly, drops precipitously as your earnings increases off.

This is, somewhat, why we do have a huge middle class in this national country. 100, a year 000, your actual spendable income may not be much different. He just pays much more taxes. And since he works 60-80 hours weekly, he spends more in conditions of commuting probably, meals, and other conveniences that allow him to work.