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3. You’ll want a confirmed shipping address with PayPal. 4. For US customers only. A relaxing milk bath with powders that bloom to release soothing scents to help relax your body and alleviate stress. Pour two heaping spoons into shower water. Could also be used with Totally Relaxing Body Wash to create a relaxing shower.

  • The Body Shop Clarifying Milky Toner with Chinese Ginseng and Rice
  • Oily epidermis: The green tea fresh series
  • Flowering Quince
  • Wheezing, or elevated as whistling or wheezing sound when breathing patients

1. Mixture of lavender, eucalyptus, patchouli, sage, and aloe create harmony and a feeling of rest. 2. Milk helps moisturize and hydrate your skin. 3. Natural fruit acids assist in improving skin appearance. 4. Could also be used with the Totally Relaxing Body Wash to create a relaxing bath. Give that special someone in your life a bath and body gift fit for a queen. The Royal Pomegranate scent is refreshing without having to be overpowering. Softens and smoothes your skin with a luscious, light fruits perfume. Royal Jelly Milk Balm Advanced significantly helps enhance the appearance of aging skin which makes it look more radiant and luminous with a fresh glow.

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