And I Find That Exceptionally Odd 1

And I Find That Exceptionally Odd

YouTube personality MannyMUA has created his own brand, Lunar Beauty, and the brand recently launched it’s first (and as of this moment only) product, Life’s a Drag. And I won’t be buying. I wasn’t planning on writing a post on this palette because I don’t typically write about brands that emerge from YouTube personalities, for the exception of Makeup Geek, which includes been a recognised brand for several years. I didn’t write about Laura Lee’s Cat’s Pajamas palette or Tati’s “vitamins,” and there have been dozens of YouTube collaborations that I’ve exceeded over as well.

But I do feel there’s a little to talk about with this product, so we are here. I will also establish upfront for new readers that is an anti-haul blog. It is a blog that is intended to encourage smart consumerism and critical thinking as relates to makeup purchases. If you are a diehard Manny lover hoping that I’m going to gush about this palette and not be critical, you’re in the wrong place.

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  • The Need for Beard Balm
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  • Ingredients not common to all or any products discovered by product where used, and
  • Infections of your skin or hair follicles – bacterial or fungal
  • Honey-Apple Toner
  • Don’t go overboard on product
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45 for 14 eyeshadows. The brand is online only, so you will not be able to test products in-store, and the only return policy is perfect for products that turn up broken. Which means that if you purchase this palette, devoid of been able to test it first, and you do not like it or think the quality is poor, you shall not be able to return it. There is no shipping information on Lunar Beauty’s website, which leads me to believe that there is no free shipping. I am also uncertain if Lunar Beauty boats internationally as these details is also not included on the site.

Something that I found unusual when looking at Lunar Beauty’s website is that there surely is no actual picture of the palette. And I find that odd remarkably. Before I explore all the reason why that Personally, i will never be buying this palette, I want to talk about a few of the palette’s positives features.

I really love that palette is named “Life’s a Drag” and that is celebrates pull culture. I also like that the palette is somewhat inclusive. I say “somewhat” because I do feel the neutral colors cater towards light skin tones, and I feel a few of the beige tones might have been replaced for shades that work well for deeper skin tones. I think the addition of colourful shadows was a good choice (we are certain to get into this more later in the post). Considering that the inspiration behind this palette is move makeup, it makes sense to include colourful and neutral tones.

However, I believe any new brand (and even existing brands) have to consider that their audience likely has neutral shadows at this point. And I think the task then becomes how to create a new product that’s not a “complete” palette and isn’t offering people more of what they already own. So when I look at these shadows as pigments, I’m really only thinking about the colourful ones.