Like THE REST In A Dictatorship 1

Like THE REST In A Dictatorship

The Ministry of Petroleum is under the any office of the President and thus subject to continuous monitoring by Yaya Jammeh. The Ministry of Energy has focused its attention on alternative energy as the Board of the GNPC oversees the upstream and downstream sub-sector functions of the Corporation. Like the rest in a dictatorship, Jammeh has complete control over every aspect of these agencies, including information moves.

The initial organizational settings of the petroleum sector made up of Gam-Petroleum (Gambia) Ltd that has spent heavily in the Mandinari energy depot to procure, store, and sell petroleum and petroleum products to NAWEC. Total International also procures and stores at the same depot for its own operations. The Ministry of Petroleum under the Office of the President is in the charge of the sector. We are unable to say, for the present time, who the Premier Investment Group that own 1% of the fuel depot are. It could be seen that 52% of this “strategic infrastructure” was managed by private/international interests for over six years.

But reflecting the fractured character of the Islamic finance market, the bai bithaman ajil structure is not found in the Middle East since it is viewed as too closely resembling interest-based financing. WHAT OUGHT TO BE DONE? Lawyers and academics have recommended Malaysia utilize judges skilled in syariah bank laws or create special courts to hear Islamic finance instances.

Some Islamic bankers suggest courts should be required to seek the guidance of the Malaysian central bank or investment company syariah advisers when deciding Islamic fund matters. The central bank or investment company has not commented. Even in the entire East, where in fact the legal system is much more sensitive to sharia, other issues occur. In Saudi Arabia, which uses shariah as the only basis for its legal system, Islamic banking disputes are handled with a central bank -panel, not a syariah court. This was because of a view that the court might be expert in sharia, but judges are often not expert enough in the bank, said Ayman Khaleq, a Dubai-based Islamic fund lawyer. “Syariah knowledge by itself is not the answer. Civil and commercial law knowledge is not the answer. A mixture of both is,” he said.

Here is the professional summary of Macroeconomic Update, August 2015, Vol.3, No.2. It offers FY2015 update on the real, fiscal, external, and monetary sector, and growth and inflation perspective for FY2016. It provides a comprehensive macroeconomic assessment, including fiscal sustainability, after the April 25 earthquake. CPI) sharply declined to 7.2% in FY2015, the lowest since FY2008 as both food and non-food prices cooled down. Food and non-food prices increased by 9.6% and 5.2%, respectively, in FY2015.

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They increased by 11.6% and 6.8%, respectively, in FY2014. Overall, while food prices contributed 5.3 percentage factors to overall inflation, non-food prices added 2.7 percentage points in FY2015. 1.5 billion (6.8% of GDP). 1.1 billion (5.1% of GDP), up from 4.6% of GDP in FY2014. 8.3 billion FY2014, sufficient to pay 11.2 a few months of imports of goods and non-factor services.

Investment in commercial property in Noida is definitely a good deal. Before you look for investment in commercial property in Noida, you should know the backdrop of Noida. It is very important to understand the history of Noida before investing in the commercial property there. Noida stands for ‘New Okhla Industrial Development Authority’, is a city in India under the management of the New Okhla Industrial Development Authority (also known as NOIDA). Noida arrived to administrative lifestyle on 17 April 1976 and celebrates 17 April as “Noida Day”.

It is also the positioning of the Noida Film City. The film city can be put into the factors of commercial attraction in Noida. Noida stands at 17th place as it pertains to cleanliness of a populous city in India, this has attracted many to purchase the commercial property there.