Tamara's Paper Trail 1

Tamara’s Paper Trail

How was your weekend? I hosted another EPIC Ladie’s Night Friday evening with seven FABULOUS friends! Stamping, food, wine, dictionary, and a lot of laughs! SUCH a great time Always! Mom’s for dinner and more dictionary fun. Today was Plenty of sunlight and family time. A good, weekend smiling! I’m just heading up to bed (yes, at 8:42 pm!) but thought I’d post one of my “Tamara’s Tips” videos for you.

Did you know I post these pretty regularly on my business Facebook page “Tamara’s Paper Trail”? Hop over there now and “like” my web page. Facebook is my go-to and where I post ALL the right time! Stay in the loop and follow me there – I promise, I’m a hoot! Do you realize a YouTube is had by me Channel? How sad is THAT???). I’m trying to post more videos there, that I’ve faster internet now. 10 minutes therefore I could be more inclined to upload my videos there. Let’s see one of the videos now, shall we? Embossing Paste. Enjoy and have a stamp week!

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