PreOp Patient Education 1

PreOp Patient Education

Instead, your doctor will complete a versatile pipe, called an endoscope through your anus and into your rectum and colon. This tube has a tiny video camera mounted on its tip. It contains a small tool used for taking tissue samples also. Your doctor can use the endoscope to inspect the entire lower half of your digestive system. Your doctor may use the endoscope to inspect the entire lower half of your digestive system. In some cases, the shape of the digestive tract helps it is impossible to move the endoscope as much into the body as the doctor would like.

Your doctor should take a group of x-rays – or even to perform surgery – to be able to inspect the hidden area. Known reasons for undergoing a lower GI endoscopy vary. You might have been experiencing a number of of a true number symptoms – including bleeding in your stool, weight loss, chronic irregularity, or other problems associated with the digestive system. Some gastrointestinal symptoms can be indicators of serious medical problems and you should take your doctor’s recommendation to have an endoscopy very seriously. Luckily, almost all medical problems diagnosed by endoscopy are treatable and you ought to anticipate improved health insurance and comfort consequently of the info gathered through the procedure.

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You may get a sedative orally and an intravenous range may be put in. You will then be transferred to the operating desk. To create a much better viewing area, your physician might introduce air into the colon, which may make you have a sense of fullness. The physician will lubricate your rectum and gently insert the endoscope then, guiding it into the colon.

You may feel some pressure or tugging, but you shouldn’t feel pain. To raised examine abnormal-looking cells, your doctor might choose to take one or more biopsies. Small instruments sent through the inside of the endoscope have the ability to painlessly remove small samples of tissue with a little scissor like tool simply by snipping them free. Finally, after an intensive exam, the endoscope is carefully removed. Any tissue specimens removed through the procedure will be sent immediately to a lab for microscopic analysis. Your doctor shall let you know when to expect results from those exams.

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