MBA Advisor: The FT Attempts To Rank The Best MBAs For Women 1

MBA Advisor: The FT Attempts To Rank The Best MBAs For Women

With many business universities in an aggressive race to attain gender parity, the Financial Times has produced a new position that is sure to obtain a complete great deal of attention. The British newspaper today (March 5) parsed the info from its latest global MBA ranking to make a set of the best full-time MBA programs for women. And the envelope please?

The FT called Shanghai Jiao Tong University the overall winner, accompanied by Stanford Graduate School of Business, UC-Berkeley Haas School of Business, Washington University’s Olin School of Business, and Harvard Business School. U.S. academic institutions fared well in the new ranking remarkably, with a dozen American MBA programs in the very best 20. Asian colleges, however, also were able to stage an extraordinary showing, capturing four of the very best 10 positions.

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Besides No. 1 Jiao Tong, the University of Hong Kong was in sixth place, Renmin University of China of Business was came in eighth, and Nanyang Business School in Singapore was tenth. The strong showing by Asian colleges was partly attributed to the purchasing power modification the FT makes to salaries for girls MBA alumni which accounted for 15% of the methodology.

Still, the Asian academic institutions generally demonstrated higher percentages of both feminine students and faculty-and their alumni generally reported the biggest raises over pre-MBA pay three years after graduation. HIGHEST ALUMNI SALARIES FOR FEMALES ALL AT U.S. Women MBAs from 20 of the 50 rated schools could actually more than twin their pre-MBA incomes 3 years after graduation. However in some full situations, the post-MBA gains were magnificent truly.

At No. 1-Shanghai Jiao Tong University, women graduates informed the FT their current incomes were 224% above what they had made before going back to college. At Renmin University of China School of Business, the MBA bump emerged to 180%, while at the Indian School of Business, it was a 177% increase over pre-MBA purchase women.

DOES THE FT METHODOLOGY REALLY IDENTIFY THE VERY BEST MBAS FOR LADIES? The list will likely spark a controversial issue over how to actually measure more supportive and encouraging MBA cultures for girls, something that the FT can’t quite accurately measure by slicing and dicing a preexisting survey designed for something else.