Beauty AS WELL AS THE Beast (2019) - Nostalgia Critic 1

Beauty AS WELL AS THE Beast (2019) – Nostalgia Critic

This comment was written as I used to be viewing the review. Oh my God, why will be the Bimbettes terribly dolled up? That misses the whole freakin’ point of their existence. Gaston DOES have beautiful women fawning over him but Belle has been arbitrarily marked as the utmost beautiful in town, so she must be had by him, and no one says to Gaston no. Oh, that proposal scene was a great failure. And just how Belle Reprise is choreographed.

“Emma, just stand stock still. Don’t move your anything or hands. Stay stiff Just. This is a passionate number; You making use of your body to emote can make no sense. ” Would be nice too if Emma Watson had the powerhouse voice that Belle requires; Remember, she’s not Beauty, she’s Belle and Disney’s Beauty and the Beast has its songs written just like a Broadway musical. God, I love that “All Gone” speech.

Belle not wearing down; Strong women are allowed to weep: It shows how much Belle seems she’s lost when she passionately cries and that is lacking here. Yes, the lack of exploration of LeFou’s attraction to Gaston is a significant letdown; That was a great Once Upon A Time position that made sense and would have brought greater depth to the type and his toadying.

That rose scene was absolutely blown. These major moments that are supposed to hold weight aren’t given the proper treatment. The gift of the library because is ruined but included, Damn it, we should slam our fist on that nostalgia button. Without, you know, getting the wonder of the original scene and just why it’s memorable. Soooo the pivotal day wasn’t a romantic date or explored whatsoever.

Oh, I want to stab that “I am not a beast” collection. HARD. Let’s talk about a little thing called Show, not Tell. In the animated scene, the Beast is seen by us show mercy. Belle is totes in his corner, he’s fighting back. The man who would have left a little old lady to die can’t be brought to kill a rival man who’s at his lowest, even if it’s a monster like Gaston.

The Beast pulls Gaston back and tells him to “Get Out”, then tosses him aside. He still hates Gaston but he no more lets his anger rule him. We see this all in the action. For the visuals. I find it very unusual that they leaned in seriously to the 18th century design of the clothing for everyone else and then had Belle dressed up in modern, prom almost, dresses on her behalf extravagant looks.

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They couldn’t even do Rococo Lite, to distinguish her from the other women but have her decked out still? The Cinderella was hated by me dress for personal reasons but as a ball dress it was beautiful. I feel that this movie would have been so far better if it had been a completely original production: New story, new script, new visuals.

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