CONSIDER Recent Events 1

CONSIDER Recent Events

I was raised in Illinois and believe me when I say, Indianapolis is becoming every bit as corrupt as the town of Chicago. The only difference is that it is my party stinking up the place rather than the Democratic Party. Think about recent events. Marion Co. Prosecutor Carl Brizzi is strongly associated with an alleged Ponzi scheme operator, Tim Durham, a major benefactor of Republicans throughout the continuing state of Indiana. Evidence emerges that his office negotiated the early release of the convicted murderer in exchange for large contributions from the murderer’s wealthy father.

Earlier this week, disgraced and indicted Perry Township Constable Roy Houchins easily dead in restaurant/pub parking lot soon before he was rumored to have been planned to get into a plea agreement on the Federal government charges brought against him. A Federal analysis uncovered a large-selling plan goes out of his office.

Apparently, many of his badge buyers were people of the Columbia Club (and not all were Republicans) who had much to dread from harming information he could share with federal prosecutors as part of a plea contract. The Perry Township Trustee Gary Coons negotiated an offer to merge his township’s fireplace division with the Indianapolis Fire Department and was quickly compensated with a new job in the public safety division created especially for him.

Until the media inquired about how he could keep two full-time public jobs at the same time, Coons had designed to continue drawing incomes from both positions. Of handling the problem Instead, Mayor Ballard headed out of the country on another junket to Brazil, his fourth abroad trip since becoming mayor by my count number. A trip that I might add is funded by business interests lobbying for financial development handouts. Coincidentally, his financial development advisor, Nick Weber, announced he would be leaving his city job to assist Baker & Daniels, and its own clients in financial development matters. The revolving door thing is proving quite productive for Ballard top officials.

His main of personnel, Paul Okeson, year to work for Keystone Construction still left last, an evergrowing local service provider that does a lot of government work and goes by out a lot of money to top Republicans. Mayor Ballard, who has recently raised water rates almost 100% since taking office, tells us the offer is good for taxpayers because the town will raise close to a half-billion dollars to invest in public infrastructure improvements. The Republican Party was resurrected in the 2007 election after Ballard and Republicans fiercely attacked the ethics problems of previous City-County Councilor Monroe Gray and the large tax raises enacted under Mayor Peterson. Ballard and the Republicans promised cleaner, more transparent authorities that could rely on less taxation and property tax decrease. To say I’m totally dissolutioned with what my Marion County Republican Party has become is an understatement to state the least.

Other small businesses, however, from day one need staff. Do your homework to know away if you need staff right and just how many. Also estimate just how many staff you’ll need as your business grows and evolves. These are important inputs into the business plan. 7. What Loops Do I have to Jump Through? The last thing you should do is prepare yourself to open your business, only to discover you need additional permits or licenses.

  • Don’t Forget To Thank People
  • 8 years back from Malaga, Spain
  • Drop the episode
  • Lease obligations (if leased only)
  • Systems of advancement
  • Visualize daily. Repetition makes it more real

It costs you time and money. As you research your options, research any legal or permitting requirements for your type of work. Starting a little business is exciting, but don’t be tempted to make the leap before you do your homework. Getting organized and doing the work before you open up for business, will help you be prepared for the hard and rewarding work ahead. What are your tips or questions about starting a little business? What could you add to the list? Leave a comment below.

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