Powershell Script To Uninstall And Install Software 1

Powershell Script To Uninstall And Install Software

Powershell script to set up software is so simple then doing it in the GUI. Today Powershell does a great deal of changes to the windows environment that includes both the Server platform and the desktop platform. We can use powershell script to uninstall software also. We can also use power-shell script to set up software remotely and vice versa.

Whenever a version of powershell is released by Microsoft, there’s been an update in the primary of the PowerShell and the application which were recently released was also getting the support to work with the powershell. This makes us use the power shell scripting environment to be friendly. Installing and Uninstalling a software program using powershell commands are simpler than doing it in the GUI mode in Windows as I said previously.

It is because powershell commands we can use the program maintenance repository in home windows in a good way so that people can dig in deep. Highly efficient and secure. Can install or uninstall a group of applications. Can be scheduled to our convenience. The application can be installed in remote control computers.

Applications can be installed in remote computers. Can keep up with the remote computer software repository. Need to know the instructions to execute. Need Network Connectivity to manage remote computers. Among the interesting feature which we can do using the powershell instructions is we can install, uninstall, or query the program details on the remote computers in a far more convenient way. Lets take a look at how to set up, uninstall, query the home windows applications using powershell script. Before using the powershell remote execution command, enable the windows remote control management service, by default it will be in the stop status. You can even run the below powershell query to configure the Windows Remote Management in the Powershell.

Using the below powershell control you can list the installed applications from the remote control computer. Here the refers to the computer to which you will connect and query the installed applications. Before by using this powershell command be sure you have a valid network connection between these two computers and be sure you can connect to this computer.

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You could also need to know the security administrator password of the remote control computer which you want to connect. Using this powershell command, you can list the installed home windows applications that were getting the specific display name “Microsoft”. Rather than Microsoft you can use some other supplier name and can search the program repository. Is a power shell script Below, that was used to install the program using the powershell. Here Start-Process order was used to start the installation process of the package.

Later Write-Host was used to show a message following the successful completion of software installation in Powershell home windows. The below powershell command was used for setting up the application in your remote system. Before performing this command, you will need to make sure that you have a valid network connection between this two system. Additionally you have to have a server to talk about the path to store the set-up file.

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