Some OPTING FOR Not To Renew? 1

Some OPTING FOR Not To Renew?

Hope Tallen — No it isn’t. They have a new supervisor being trained to dominate after summer. Shelby Crowe — Nothing will come here. Day our mall will go back to its once glory self Amanda Driver Lilly — I have hope that maybe one. Judy Stevens — I am here 4 years and each year there is certainly less stores in the shopping mall.

Bonnie Sabin O’Neill — It had been written on the wall structure when Walmart arrived to town. When you move box stores from the downtown primary you destroy a town. Our downtown too is looking very unfortunate.I do not shop Wamart but there is getting to be less and less options. Teresa Tom — I noticed staples are closing is that true?

Travis McAlpine — Yeah, when it arrived to all the items this season, Walmart couldn’t touch the choice that our school was wanting for our child so we visited Staples too. Tammy Mattice — Oh I question that will ever close Mike J Leech seriously. Brenda Fox Nohr — Maybe as their contracts/ leases come up ..

Some are choosing not to renew? Sunday Bella Johnson — I had been going to go to bootlegger! It better there be! Lol I need new jeans and love theirs! Kristoffer Harris — Mike J Leech Mining, Forestry, Ranching & Booze. Diane Maureen Pleasance — Similar to being kept hostage, those who said these were coming should have been kept to an agreement of some sort that would need financial forfeiture. And I think the reason for closures is Walmart not the mine and I have also heard for years that the local shopping mall rental is preposterous!

Bonnie Sabin O’Neill — I concur Diane Maureen Pleasance. Bonnie Sabin O’Neill — I hope we do not lose shoppers sure, too. I really do shop Suzannes and BFF. Diane Maureen Pleasance — At least we have a good selection of pharmacies to shop at! Tressa Taylor — unhappy shopping situation in this pitiful, dysfunctional town highly, the mall is a disgrace.

The town needs a new plan, as the current plan is a bust. Shelby Crowe — I don’t see how Wal-Mart would make the other stores close. Jazmyn Douillard — Haines has a great selection for school/office supplies and they’ll order anything in me to get my Copic markers from them and those are a pain to find beyond Kelowna/Kamloops.

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Shelby Crowe — I for just one am all for Wal-Mart and happy we got one. Judy Stevens — We will receive a Costco never. Tammy Mattice — I agree with Kristoffer Harris. Judy Stevens — Exactly if we get no new big business to employ people and present job security we won’t to getting other shopping.

The mills only have so many years of trees still left to cut. Who will provide higher paying jobs Then? Tracy Wilson — We relocated within 06 and every year it’s looking worse, so unfortunate, we are thinking of moving! I wonder just how many other households are contemplating a move too?

Tracy Wilson — It’s not about deserting your town, it’s about thinking about your loved ones! Tracy Wilson — I think it is hard to trust it’s only a tough patch, it has was heading down since we moved here in 2006, that’s 8 years and it still is constantly on the get worse! If prosperity ever comes here then things could convert but how long has it already been going on? Kristoffer Harris — I believe most of us need to get together & pose these questions to your present Mayor & Council, or forthcoming applicants for election come November.