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Independent Fundamental & Forensic Investment Research

John is Vice President of Equity Research. He became a member of CFRA in April 2019. He is responsible for fundamental equity research and analysis covering several segments within the Information Technology and Communication Services sectors, including enterprise software and SaaS/cloud providers, Internet advertising/social media platforms, and game developers. John began his profession in collateral research with an unbiased equity research company, Precursor, where he was positioned as the very best analyst covering network equipment stocks among unbiased research companies. He also spent the first dozen many years of his career in a variety of roles within the tech industry. During this time, he published a large number of white papers and research reviews on topics ranging from network processors, Virtual LAN (VLAN) technology, and the historical progression of enterprise software architecture.

My point is, everyone is different and requires a different allocation that suits their needs therefore. But, while you are had by me, I’ll give you some data that could help come up with a strategy. I likewise have articles on the 7 Steps to Creating a TSP Investment Strategy here. First off, if you are simply looking for the complete highest returns without worry about volatility, based on the 10-12 months average, the best-performing account is the S-Fund.

The S-Fund has earned an average of 10.59% over the past decade. So, if you would like the absolute best executing investment strategy, throwing volatility to the wind flow, then based on historical, putting 100% in the S-Fund would satisfy this goal. Many of you though recognizing that diversification, volatility, and a lot of other factors play into how an investment strategy should be created. Tools like bonds and international shares can round out a portfolio to provide less exposure to various risks. Risks like the U.S Economy carrying out badly while countries somewhere else are thriving or bonds executing well while shares aren’t.

Although I can’t give you a precise strategy due to there being way too many personal factors included, I could show you an example of a strategy. Janet’s goals are to retire without debt, go on one vacation a year, and continue her current lifestyle in retirement. But, this strategy is created entirely surrounding Jane and her goals.

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See why when I say there is absolutely no best strategy? The very best TSP investment strategy is the one which gives you to meet your goals with the least amount of risk. That’s the best strategy. Creating a specific strategy takes work; It’s also unique to each individual trader. My goal in this article is to truly get you thinking. Too many to choose an investment strategy based on what they’ve heard at water cooler and have done little to guide their own character and what it’s going to take to reach their goals.

Why make investments so aggressively if you only need to invest moderately to meet your targets in retirement? This is what I help clients do. Match their dollars using their dreams. Too many people are going into retirement without any basic idea of what faces them. Create an idea, develop an investment strategy, and work hard.