Open A Associated Or Display Document DELIVERED TO Me By Email 1

Open A Associated Or Display Document DELIVERED TO Me By Email

What would you like to do? You are operating Microsoft OR WINDOWS 7 Service Pack (SP) 2, using Outlook Express. You are operating Microsoft Windows Vista, using Windows Mail. A file was received by you with a .ppz extension by email, and you can’t open up it by using PowerPoint. A .ppz document could be a PowerPoint animation document (a loading format designed for web use rather than for exchanging presentations with others), but probably it is a “packaged” PowerPoint file created by the Pack and Go Wizard.

The Pack and Go Wizard is unavailable or backed in PowerPoint 2007 and later. In PowerPoint 2002 and previous, the Pack and Go Wizard made it possible to bundle a number of presentations, including linked files and inserted fonts, into an individual .ppz file. Furthermore, the Pack and Go Wizard created a file called pngsetup.exe that allowed the receiver to unpackage the .ppz document. Without the pngsetup.exe document, a Windows file compression tool such as WinZip would be required to open up the .ppz file.

To copy your PowerPoint display to a CD, see Package a presentation for CD. A PowerPoint was received by you Show (.pps) file by email, and you also can’t open it. Because PowerPoint 2007 and helps the later .pps file format, you will need to installPowerPoint on your computer, or install the free PowerPoint Viewer, which enables you to view full-featured presentations. For information about how to install PowerPoint Viewer, see View a demonstration without PowerPoint. 1. Copy the sound document into the same folder that has the demonstration.

2. Utilize the Package a presentation for CD feature to update the links and package the associated data files. 3. Resend the display to you by email. 1. Copy the movie document into the same folder, which has the display. 2. Utilize the Package a presentation for CD feature to revise the links and pack the associated data files. 3. Resend the demonstration for you by email.

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