The Tinkers Workshop 1

The Tinkers Workshop

The days have been soaring by here at the workshop given that the holidays attended and gone. I have been making steady progress with the Captain America ball chair project therefore i thought it far better get everyone current on where I am with everything. This week I want to show you the improvement that I have been making on the bottom set up for the project that will be similar to what the truth is in the image above. This was an early on rendition of what I had planned and like anything I design and build changes sometimes need to be made to make the look work better and make the assembly easier to put together.

In this underside view of the bottom the external face of the base was made to be one inches thick. It looked proficient at the right time but in reality would be a pain to generate. Instead I’ll have a similar looking base but it will just have an out skin that is clearly a quarter inch thick. This will be pieces of 1/4 inch foam that are wrapped throughout the eight leg supports on the lower of the bottom.

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It can look similar to what is pictured here but will be simpler to make in the process. In this part of the project I started work on the set up for the bottom unit for the ball chair. This bottom is simple to look at but has a whole lot happening for it.

The slot in the top of the dish formed top is where in fact the ball section of the chair will be mounted. This dish portion of the base is made up of several different parts and will take the time to construct properly to obtain it to work properly in the bottom assembly.

The underside of the dish portion of the base shows some of the different styles that are cut out in the set up as well as the mounting points for the bearing ring. This bearing ring is installed to the low portion of the bottom and also to top of the dish assembly that is inserted involved with it.

This bearing gives the chair the capability to swivel when it is being used. The bottom of the low section of the base unit shows an array of leg facilitates that will give the base a good strong construction to hold the ball seat safely when it is being utilized.

The hole in the center of the assembly will allow evaluate to moun to the base to the base section of the chair. The opening will also be used to route electrical energy to the seat for accessories such as lighting for reading. I started the bottom structure with the a straightforward cardstock template of 1 of the lower leg supports.

I printed this from my computer full size. Applying this template I tracked the eight lower leg supports for the bottom to one inches Styrofoam. Then i fiber glassed both sides of the foam sections. I let these cure starightaway and then cut the parts out using my band saw.

Only two sides of the parts will be subjected once the set up is completed so I removed 25 % inch of the Styrofoam and then filled this void with a mixture of fiber glass resin and micro-balloons. This seals the sides of the foam and provides them nice clean sides. You can view the white encounters of the right parts in the image above.

This portion of the base set up is the low part that will hold the azy Susan bearing set up and will be where the knee supports will be added in the final assembly. The lower base assembly comprises of one blue one inch thick foam panel that is 19 inches in diameter. Two pink rings make up the upper part of the lower foundation and each ring is two ins thick.